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Author: promontoryblogs

Chatting With Executive Chef Joey Pesner

Chef, you’ve had a nearly 20 year culinary career at some highly regarded places, including Executive Chef at the Ritz-Carlton Georgetown and South Seas Island, Florida — just to name a few. What inspired you to become a chef? Sometimes, you just fall into the right thing. I was in Portland with family on a trip and saw Western Culinary Institute downtown. The school’s operations are very visible from the street with a diner, bakery, café and dining room. There were chef students and instructors all over the street. I never really cooked anything before, but wanted to get involved and learn something new. Once enrolled and in the program, I got into it and just kept learning.   From a culinary point of view, what attracted you to Promontory?  Promontory is a big kid playground. Just as it is for our membership with a variety of amenities for every season, we also have outlets for everything culinary. We have the most supportive members who appreciate the good things in life. As a chef, you have been coast to coast from Laguna Beach to D.C., creating California cuisine to classics for Washingtonian palates. How has being in different regions influenced your culinary creativity for Promontory? My most valuable experience from all my travel is the culture of the region. We can all learn how to make dishes from books,...

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Park City – The Wine Capital of Utah

Anyone living or visiting Park City knows it has stunning views, a range of activities to suit every member of your family regardless of their age, and some of the best food you’ve ever tasted. But did you know that Park City is also a wine aficionados paradise? Yes, the renowned mountain town also offers an array of wine selections that are the perfect complement to exceptional, all served in a relaxed surrounding. For the sommeliers of the world, you’ll be pleased to learn that Park City can offer even the most discerning gourmand a journey into a world of...

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