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Let me “SHED” some light…

I am really ready to see, first hand, ALL that Promontory has to offer. So, come with me as I start my tour of the Promontory Ranch Club. It’s an easy start, because I am in the center of the property at the Ranch Club Compound. The buildings here are comfortably nestled on an expansive high spot over-looking the grandeur of the Wasatch mountain range. I can walk from The Hub next door to The Shed, and I follow a mom and her two children in. The kids are super excited to get there, and are asking their mom if they can get a chocolate shake at the counter. The mom looks back at me with a smile, and I tell her that’s sounding good to me, too!

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Who Are These Guys?

I’m Robin Milne, and I invite you to join my journey in and around Promontory Ranch Club in Park City, Utah. When we last talked, I had just arrived at the HUB at Promontory Ranch Club after the easiest drive to a world-class...

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