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Author: Promontory Blogs

Park City golf the fun way!

I’m Robin Milne, and I invite you to join my journey in and around Promontory Ranch Club in Park City, Utah. I’ll admit it, for someone who loves to golf getting on the Promontory Club golf courses was at the top of my list! Anyone driving through the property is greeted with those emerald green fairways ebbing and flowing naturally through the hilly landscape. It calls out your name to come play – and so I wasted no time! Renowned golf course designer, Pete Dye, really out-did himself designing the first golf course at Promontory – The Dye Course. His...

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Rock Walls

These Unique Rock Walls are the foundation of the Promontory Ranch Club brand ….. I’m Robin Milne, and I invite you to join my journey in and around Promontory Ranch Club in Park City, Utah. When you enter the Promontory Main Gate at Promontory Ranch Club at exit 150 off of I-80 East, the first thing you will see might be one of the most magical things about Promontory … the magnificent rock walls!  The colors are rich and varied, and the large-scale of the boulders perfectly compliments the soaring canyon walls that greet you upon entry to this...

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Let me “SHED” some light…

I am really ready to see, first hand, ALL that Promontory has to offer. So, come with me as I start my tour of the Promontory Ranch Club. It’s an easy start, because I am in the center of the property at the Ranch Club Compound. The buildings here are comfortably nestled on an expansive high spot over-looking the grandeur of the Wasatch mountain range. I can walk from The Hub next door to The Shed, and I follow a mom and her two children in. The kids are super excited to get there, and are asking their mom if they can get a chocolate shake at the counter. The mom looks back at me with a smile, and I tell her that’s sounding good to me, too!

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Who Are These Guys?

I’m Robin Milne, and I invite you to join my journey in and around Promontory Ranch Club in Park City, Utah. When we last talked, I had just arrived at the HUB at Promontory Ranch Club after the easiest drive to a world-class mountain resort in the United States I had ever experienced!  I was about to meet for a second time with the masterminds behind this one-of-a-kind community, and I was super-excited to continue our conversation.  On my way here, I read that Promontory’s Nicklaus Clubhouse was just awarded a BEST New Clubhouse 2016 by Golf, Inc. magazine, so Promontory’s offerings continue to excite those ‘in the know’!  I sat down in one of the ultra-swank contemporary chairs that gave me a huge window to the Wasatch Range!  I felt like I was at an IMAX theater looking at the most beautiful scenery I had ever seen!  Wow!  Who could imagine such a place? One of my favorite movies in the 70’s was Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid – and being up here in Utah very close to Robert Redford’s Sundance – made me think of a famous line in the movie when they couldn’t shake the BEST trackers in the west – Paul Newman as Butch Cassidy kept saying “Who ARE those guys?”  It was said with utmost respect – and that’s what I have for...

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On my way to Promontory Ranch Club

I’m Robin Milne, and I invite you to join my journey in and around Promontory Ranch Club in Park City, Utah. I looked down on the Salt Lake valley as my plane was landing, and to the east I could see the towering and majestic Wasatch Range shimmering in the mid-day sun.  Today, I was meeting Francis Najafi and Rich Sonntag at Promontory Ranch Club – located just across from picturesque Park City, Utah, a scenic mountain town nestled into the verdant, pine-covered, lower slopes of the Wasatch – and I couldn’t wait to get there!  Fortunately, it is an easy, all-freeway 40 minute drive from the Salt Lake City airport, and my driver was there waiting for me as I came down the B Gate escalator.  As a former major league pitcher with the NY Yankees, I have flown all over the US and have learned to appreciate these well-designed and simple airports where family and friends can still be there to greet you! Salt Lake City’s architecture is on full display as we cruise past the storied downtown area that is home to the gold-domed Utah State Capitol, the spectacular Mormon Temple, and the Vivant Smart Home Arena, home of the Utah Jazz.  Soon, we are looking at golf-courses and impressive homes and neighborhoods dotted along the foothills with the University of Utah claiming the high spot...

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