I’m Robin Milne, and I invite you to join my journey in and around Promontory Ranch Club
in Park City, Utah.

I looked down on the Salt Lake valley as my plane was landing, and to the east I could see the towering and majestic Wasatch Range shimmering in the mid-day sun.  Today, I was meeting Francis Najafi and Rich Sonntag at Promontory Ranch Club – located just across from picturesque Park City, Utah, a scenic mountain town nestled into the verdant, pine-covered, lower slopes of the Wasatch – and I couldn’t wait to get there!  Fortunately, it is an easy, all-freeway 40 minute drive from the Salt Lake City airport, and my driver was there waiting for me as I came down the B Gate escalator.  As a former major league pitcher with the NY Yankees, I have flown all over the US and have learned to appreciate these well-designed and simple airports where family and friends can still be there to greet you!

Salt Lake City’s architecture is on full display as we cruise past the storied downtown area that is home to the gold-domed Utah State Capitol, the spectacular Mormon Temple, and the Vivant Smart Home Arena, home of the Utah Jazz.  Soon, we are looking at golf-courses and impressive homes and neighborhoods dotted along the foothills with the University of Utah claiming the high spot marked by the signature bold-red U on the mountainside.  Then, just like that, we are climbing through rugged canyons, showing off the grandeur of Utah as we crest Parlay’s summit and head into Park City.  I am enchanted by the big white barn on my right that has a massive American Flag hanging from the hay loft.  I have seen this barn in many images depicting Park City, so I know I am close – I can’t believe how fast we got here!

My driver turns on to Highway 40 and we exit at the Silver Summit turn-off.  At the stop sign, I look at the property angled right, and I blink – I am looking at a live buffalo, a zebra and a goat all standing together in a grassy fenced area.  This makes me laugh and feel good about the free spaces and free spirits still welcome in the west!  We pass a riparian with wild birds and egrets feeding alongside a small herd of Black Angus cattle, and soon make the turn into Gate House at Promontory Ranch Club.  I have just accepted the position as VP of Sales and am here to meet the developer, Francis Najafi and the General Manager, Rich Sonntag at the HUB Information Center located at the heart of the project in the Ranch Compound.

We drive past the most impressive Equestrian facility I have ever seen and watch a young rider make a beautiful jump over crossed white posts as her pony-tail bounces off her back and big smile comes across her face.  On the other side of the road is a corral with quarter horses and a young couple saddling up to go for a trail ride.  Up, up the hill we go, and I am in awe of the beautiful, well-appointed homes that dot the landscape.  Each home has been built with a unique style, but together with the color schemes and roof lines, they all belong together creating an interesting tapestry of architecture and design that is most enjoyable.  Just like that, I arrive at the HUB where fresh coffee and cookies are laid out welcoming all visitors to Promontory.