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Author: Promontory Blogs

Golf Tip: How to play those tricky lies on the Nicklaus and Dye

At one point or another, we’ve all been perplexed how to play our ball as it sits on a tricky slope. Both our Dye Canyon and Jack Nicklaus Painted Valley courses present us with Downhill, Uphill, and Sidehill lies. We asked our Director of Golf, Tom Rogers, for some pointers so we can conquer those more difficult lies. Downhill Lies: Be the Hill Weight on the left foot. The ball is played closer to right (higher) foot. Shoulders will adjust down or parallel to the hill. Use a more lofted club (sand wedge is one of the most lofted clubs). Short backswing with weight remaining on the left foot and swing the club down the hill. Keep the club in the grass as long as you can. It will feel like a punch shot. Be sure to hit the grass slightly before the ball. Uphill Lies: Be the Hill Weight on right foot. Ball position is played toward the left (higher) foot. Shoulders will adjust up or parallel to the hill. Use a less lofted club. Practice on the course and our Short Game Area to see which club is best for you in different situations. Very little weight shift; keep the club in the grass. Feel as though the shape of your swing matches the angle of the slope. Sidehill Lies: Ball above your feet Aim to the right of your target....

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