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Month: August 2016

I Love Horses

Did anyone watch the Women’s Gymnastics Trials last month? I was watching and I was captivated. It was a show filled with acrobatic athleticism, raw emotions, immense pressure, and endless drama.  It reminded me of why I love sports, and it got me very excited for the upcoming Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.  When the Games kick off on August 5th, one of Promontory’s own will be in Rio, but he won’t be walking in the Opening Ceremony. Mark Alter has been a member of Promontory since 2007.  Some of you might remember Mark and his business...

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Healthy Summer Skin by Promontory Spa

As I walked down the stairs at the Ranch Clubhouse, I was nervous. Sure, I was headed to the Spa which sounds inherently relaxing, but I had never received a facial, so I had no idea what to expect. I opened the door, and was instantly enveloped in an environment that would prove to be a refuge for the next hour. Stress became a distant memory when I heard a waterfall and soothing music, saw all-natural candles floating atop a medley of tricolor stones, smelled a very subtle hint of citrus, and felt the tall, soft couch cushions pressing...

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