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Author: promontoryblogs

Promontory Elk Migration Approaches

Besides the beautiful colors of the Aspens, a sure sign at Promontory that fall is approaching is the annual elk migration. Seeking a more hospitable climate and available food sources, elk—a relative of the deer and moose—move down from higher elevations when leaves start to turn. Autumn is also mating or “rutting” season when the bull elk put on displays of male bravado that can be spectacular to watch. “Elk are native to the Great Plains,” notes Lieutenant Bruce Johnson of the Utah Division of Wildlife. Famed explorers Lewis and Clark wrote about elk sightings along the present-day Kansas-Nebraska border in...

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Blue Ribbon Trout Fishing In Utah – The Trip Of A Lifetime!

If you’re a fishing fan, then you’ve probably heard tales of fabled Blue Ribbon trout fishing, and just how amazing the catch can be. The good news is that anyone in Park City can enjoy fishing for some of the rarest Blue Ribbon waterways and reservoirs available anywhere in the United States. The crystal clear rivers in the Park City area boast more trout per mile than almost any place else in the country, and a wide variety of popular trout for you to cast for, too! What Is A “Blue Ribbon” Trout Stream? When you find a Blue...

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The magical town of Park City is undoubtedly one of the most diverse destinations to be found when it comes to adventure activities! You can spend a few hours on amazing mountain golf courses, revel in beautiful waters catching trout, saddle up and ride a horse or grab a racket or toss a tennis ball on Center Court.     What’s more, all of these activities occur on the breathtaking landscape of Promontory and the majestic Park City setting. Here’s a roundup of what you can enjoy this summer when it comes to golfing, fishing, horseback riding and tennis.   PROMONTORY GOLF...

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